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      Campan ran; the page was already in the saddle, but was altering a stirrup, which changed the destiny of France. The letter was brought back.

      She drew him down to a seat beside her, picked up his sombrero and put it on, of course uncomfortably and all on one side.

      I wonder whether shed be angry if I gave her some money? Perhaps shes got some children at home as hungry as she is!"No," she said. "I had no idea you were in Rome. You told us you were going back to London."

      "He may want to see his old home, perhaps. He was born at the Mount, you know."

      Ererso he informed me, said Mr. Pinchook. Now, Mr. Howard, I shall be extremely obliged if you will render me every assistance you can in this matter, andertell me where I can find the daughter and heiress of our client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde.It was two months after Allegra's wedding-day, and Martin Disney had been warned that the closing hour of the young life he had watched so tenderly was not far off. It might come to-morrow; or it might not come for a week; or the lingering flame might go flickering on, fainting and reviving in the socket, for another month. He must hold himself prepared for the worst. Death might come suddenly at the last, like a thief in the night; or by stealthy, gradual steps, and slowest progress from life to clay.



      Another adventurer, by the name of Fassman, who had written books, and who made much literary pretension, had come to Berlin and also got introduced to the Tabagie. He was in character very like Gundling, and the two could never agree. Fassman could be very sarcastic and bitter in his speech. One evening, as the king and his smoking cabinet were sitting enveloped in the clouds which they were breathing forth, and were all muddled with tobacco and beerfor the king himself was a hard drinkerFassman so enraged Gundling by some cutting48 remarks, that the latter seized his pan of burning peat and red-hot sand and dashed it into the face of his antagonist. Fassman, who was much the more powerful of the two, was seriously burned. He instantly grasped his antagonist, dragged him down, and beat him savagely with his hot pan, amidst roars of laughter from the beer-stupefied bacchanals.I suppose that you are surprised he isnt married? said Lady Ada, loathing herself as she spoke.


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